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Information security concerns the protection of a set of information, with the intention of preserving their values. Information is all content or valuable data, with storage capacity or transfer, which serves a particular purpose.

Currently, the digital information is one of the main products of our era and needs to be protected.

Confidentiality, availability, integrity and compliance are some of the basic characteristics of information security:

Confidentiality : limited access to those who are authorized by the owner of the information.

Integrity : the information can not be changed or removed without authorization from the owner of the information.

Availability : Access always available for use by those who are authorized by the owner of the information.

Compliance : property that ensures that the system must follow the laws and regulations associated with this type of process.

Every computer system requires a system for file protection that takes into account the basic characteristics of information security. Data loss most often is caused by several factors such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hardware failures or software, communication errors, human errors, viruses, data theft and kidnapping. To prevent loss of data is necessary to always maintain reliable backups, stored away from the original data. To make a secure backup is very important to have knowledge about backup policy and use a tool to assist in implementing this policy. Here's how to have a secure backup policy and meet some backups automation tools.

For more information, see the Standards ABNT ISO 270001 and ISO 270,002 relating to security information.

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