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A backup routine in the cloud can be made using solutions like S.O.S Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon, iCloud, Box Sync or Mega Box.

But as it is made a backup routine in the cloud?

The backup in the cloud is no longer just a novelty to become key in data security of both individuals as to companies of any size.
The main benefits of backup in the cloud are security and flexibility. There are many advantages that the backup in the cloud can offer, among them there is the reduction of data loss risk and reduce hardware costs and physical space itself. Thus, backup solutions in the cloud are growing quite small and medium enterprises.
Depending on the backup solution to be used (S.O.S Cloud or other), the data to be protected will be automatically backed up to a datacenter in the cloud that, if lost, can be retrieved from anywhere.
To backup the cloud, consider what necessary space to implement your backup policy in the cloud and hire a provider you trust. Then choose a backup automation software to implement your backup policy - or use the S.O.S Cloud, which already offers all this: backup software + space in the cloud, simplifying rather its implementation.
The backup tools in the cloud typically perform a local backup and only after completing the backup routine is beginning to copy to the cloud. With S.O.S Cloud solution is different: you do not need to have this space to save a local backup, making the process faster and without the need for local space.

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