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What is it and how to backup

Backup is an essential task for both a company and for anyone who uses a computer . Obviously, backup personal data is much simpler task to backup the data of a company, but in either case backup is of paramount importance.

For what serves a backup?

We may lose our files for several reasons: computer malfunction or software, viruses, power failure, theft, fire. The user himself can delete some information unintentionally. We may want to retrieve old information that has changed. For these reasons and many others not mentioned, the only way you do not lose information is backing up.


How make backup of  your personal computer

In this case, we have data that are usually photos, personal documents, class work, videos and other files.

To do this backup, it is important to first know what you want to write to a backup and where is this information (files and folders) on your computer. Moreover, it is necessary to define when will be backed up all the information at once (this operation is called full backup or full) and when you save the backup only the latest information (incremental or differential backup). Finally, we need to define where to save these backups (destination). The backup destination can be a stick or in the cloud, for example (or both). It is important that the target does not get physically close to where the original data is. In short, knowing what backupear, when and where, it remains only know how. For this you have two options: do manual or automatic backup.

Manual Backup : Choose the important files and folders to insert the backup and using a compactor, create a file that contains them and save this file to your chosen destination.

Auto Backup : Use a backup tool ( there is free tool for that ) and configure the backup policy achievement (source, schedule of full and incremental backups and destination). From then on you just follow the logs that this tool is available to find out if your backups are being performed correctly or not.

How to make backup of computers in your company

In a company, both the quantity and complexity of information is higher (database in use, for example), so the backup policy should be more elaborate. We need destinations also more robust, which carries a greater volume of data and are faster, such as magnetic tapes and libraries. In this case, back up manually becomes insecure, inefficient and expensive (as it will involve more resources than if you use a backup automation tool). In companies, it is recommended to carry out automatic backups ( see here what the ideal product for your needs ).


Como fazer backup para nuvem

Para fazer backup na nuvem, avalie qual espaço necessário para implementar sua política de backups na nuvem e contrate um provedor de sua confiança. Em seguida, escolha um software de automatização de backups para implementar sua política de backups - ou então use o S.O.S Cloud, que já oferece tudo isto: software de backup + espaço na nuvem, simplificando bastante sua implementação.

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