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S.O.S Backup First Server

S.O.S Backup First Server: speed and expediency combined with internet access.
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A partir da versão 7.3 - (Setembro-2018)


From version 7.2 - (September-2017)

  Set your own extension in the compressed backup

From version 7.1 - (June-2016)

  Network Linux server and client backups now with Linux application

From version 7.0 - (November 2015 )

  Integration with S.O.S Cloud

From version 6.8 - (May 2015)

  Greater flexibility in catering provided by the highest speed in the presentation of files for selection. The greater the number of files (backup) higher this gain.

From version 6.7 - (February-2015)

  Optimized integration with cloud
  Improvement in performance of various types of backups

From version 6.6 - (March-2014)

  Online backup of MySQL 4.0/4.1/5.0/5.1/5.4/6.0
  Online backup of PostgreSQL 9.0/9.3
  Backup using VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service)
  Improved compatibility with Windows 2012
  Online backup Windows System State (2008/8/2012) 64bit
  Running on Windows 8
  Register E-mail
  Register FTPs
  Direct backup to Blu-ray
  Backup ACLs (Access permissions of files) on disk
  Disaster Recovery for Windows Vista/2008/7 64 bits
  Improved performance of S.O.S Backup's internal database
  Online backup of PostgreSQL 8.2/8.3/8.4
  Disaster Recovery for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
  Online backup of System State of Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
  Burning into DVD: compatible with the most recent medias (dual layer, speed, capacity)
  New type of backup, "Keep the last X" copies.
  Allows remote management through S.O.S Backup Manager
  Multi-Core Compression Algorithm (with specific optimizations for processors with more than one core)
  Works on Windows Vista/2008*
  Performance improvement and memory usage reduction during the backup of many files (25.000 or more).
  Microsoft Automated Server Recovery (ASR) integration
  Improved management of backup errors (automatic retries, time limitation on interactions with user)
  Online backup of MS Outlook/Outlook Express
  Improved performance with FTP servers
 Creating a CD/DVD image
 Complete cleaning of CD/DVD media
 Tools: Tape tensioner and corrupted .ZIP file recovery
 FTP files lager than 2GB
 Command line backups
 Export configurations and jobs to a text file
 Export history through e-mail in html
 Zip 64 compatibility
 List of chosen origins generated simultaneous to the selection of origins
 Source backups on FTP servers and Restoration
 Restoration assistant (finds files in the backups)
 Direct restoration through work history
 Works as a Windows service
 Copies sent directly to CD/DVD
 Configurations to make backups of open files (works for several types of files: xls, doc, ...)
 New and better way to define sources and exclusions (check list)
 Storing configurations and events in database
 Backing up program configurations and jobs.
 Generate and print summarized or detailed history
 New program interface
 Multiple backup destinies (temporary file features)
 Incremental Backup (attributes, days)
 Differential Backup (attributes, relation to Complete)
 Display different event types in log
 Send history (of the system and jobs) by e-mail (always, or when there's an error or warning)
 Send backups to FTP servers
 Sorting history in increasing or decreasing order
 Option to remove error/warning status from a job
 New frequency types
 New version types
 Backup Job Assistant
 Time change warning
 Job configuration for computer logoff/restart/turn off
 Progress windows
 More information is available in the backup update/restoration window:

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